O'Neill Epic 2mm Glove

O'Neill Epic 2mm Glove

O'Neill Epic 2mm Glove

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O´Neill Epic 2mm DL Wetsuit Gloves

New for 2019 the O'Neill Epic 2mm DL wetsuit glove is perfect for keeping your hands warm in the water even in the harsh winter months. For those that don't want to wear a thick glove in the water it is certainly worth buy a pair of these.

With the New Formula Polygrip, 100% Ultraflex Neoprene, the Epic 2mm glove will keep you fingers warm all winter long but will also feel lighter and more flexible. Highlights


• 100% Ultraflex Neoprene • Formula Polygrip • Thermo Layer Interior (5MM Only) • Glued and Blinstitched Seams • Anatomical Vertical Seam Placment


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