Koalition "Waikiki" FUTURES Fin

Koalition "Waikiki" FUTURES Fin

  • Koalition "Waikiki" FUTURES Fin
  • Koalition "Waikiki" FUTURES Fin

Koalition "Waikiki" FUTURES Fin

Tuoteryhmä: Tuotemerkki: Koalition Surf Fins

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Resin transfer molding (RTM) allows the Honeycomb Core fins to be made stiffer with the additional benefit of reduced weight. This outline is the perfect all around template you should have in your quiver. The well balanced stiffness allow you to push extremely hard through turns. Stiff base with a gradual tip flex for maximum drive and release. Side bite fins also available in matching colours. Available in FCS and Futures.


Base: 4.28” - 109mm Depth: 4.39” - 112mm Area - Surface: 14.76” - 9172mm² Sweep - Angle: 31.0°


Base: 4.37” - 111.0mm Depth: 4.55” - 115.0mm Area - Surface: 14.76” - 9525mm² Sweep - Angle: 33.0°


Base: 4.52” - 115.0mm Depth: 4.67” - 119.0mm Area - Surface: 15.71” - 10137mm² Sweep - Angle: 33.0°

PLEASE NOTE - Print is created with resin so pattern may vary.


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