FCS X2 Plugs

FCS X2 Plugs

FCS X2 Plugs

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Offering unparalleled strength, durability and bonding properties, FCS X-2 is the most widely used fin system in the world, and the chosen fin system by the world’s best surfers.


Our patented H-pattern connects the only two structural parts of the board; the fibreglass skins on the deck and the bottom. The H-pattern effectively anchors the plugs in the board and creates a solid foundation for the fins to withstand extreme loading. In all of our testing FCS X-2 has proven to be the strongest fin system on the market. 


FCS X-2 has proven to be the lightest post-glass fin system available on the market. Minimising the installed weight of the system ensures the natural balance of the board is never compromised. 


FCS fins are secured in place by screws pushing against the two fin tabs at the base of the fin. This maintains a very rigid feel at the base of the fin and allows the direct transfer of power into your turns. 


FCS X-2 plugs have the smallest individual footprint of any other fin system, allowing the tail of the board to flex naturally. Tail flex is very important because it not only gives the board a livelier more responsive feel, but it also helps create speed and makes the board more forgiving by adjusting to the curve of the wave and the arc of your turns.


Shapers spend considerable time on fin placement so we feel it’s very important to see the shapers dots as they tell you at a glance that the system has been installed accurately. We know that a slight variation in fin placement can make a big difference to how your board performs. While other box systems require the removal of the shapers dots, FCS X-2 does not.


FCS X-2 has 4 degrees of cant angle built into the rail plugs making it easy to set the desired fin position while adjusting to both extreme and subtle bottom contours during installation. This allows for a stronger installation with accurate fin cant angles every time. 


The small footprint of the FCS X-2 plug allows it to fit easily into boards with channel bottoms, bonzer concaves and other dramatic bottom contours. 


  • • X-Blend material was developed in conjunction with DuPont.
  • • Custom construction blend of nylon types with 40% glass fibre.
  • • High stiffness and tensile strength.
  • • Dimensional stability.
  • • High melting point.
  • • Highly resistant to abrasion, UV light and extreme environmental     conditions.
  • • 35-40% Stronger than previous plug models.
  • • Colours – Natural and Charcoal.


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