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The ultimate way to keep warm and dry off after your outdoor activity! 

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How will the long sleeve design dryrobe fit?

The long sleeve design is full length and will cover most of your body.

This is the newest dryrobe style and the longer sleeves add additional warmth, whilst still providing ample space for changing. The design features chunky velcro cuff adjusters which can secure the sleeve around the wrist to suit your needs.

10 reasons to choose the long sleeve dryrobe Advance

1. A more conventional looking garment, offering huge versatility for all outdoor activities
2. Ideal for activities which require large amounts of waiting around in cold environments, spectating or waiting to participate
3. It’s still a change robe! Easily slide arms in and out of the generously wide full-length sleeves to get changed
4. It goes on over even the biggest coats or kit
5. The chunky velcro cuff closures, combined with our unique tapered cut, secure the sleeves to keep you warm
6. Our 'top of the range', premium product
7. Available in all the newest colour combinations and options
8. Simply the warmest change robe on the planet
9. Five sizes, tailored to suit all shapes and sizes
10. Full length, super warm, protection from the elements

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