About us!

With over 30 years of cold water surfing experience we've come up with some pretty good reference points as to what works in cold conditions and what doesn't. Of course we are also keep in the warmer locales as well so we've got you covered there as well. 

More often than not we select our brands and the gear we sell from them not based on hype or getting excited at a fashion parade full of the hippest of the hipsters... no, we are usually finding these brands while out on the road in need of gear and testing the stuff in real world conditions. We leave the Yacht Club vibe to others. We prefer real world experience. 

We feel that you will see and feel the difference in our experience and our stoke for what we do. From building boards in our own factory to organizing beach clean ups and surf related events, we are here for our customers.

We shortboard. We log. We SUP flatwater as well as in the waves. 

We are "By Surfers For Surfers"

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