Surffilaudan Korjaus / Surfboard Repair

We got our first surfboard in 1986 and living on the rocky Oregon Coast we needed to quickly figure out how to make our own repairs. Already by 1989 we had the famous Clark Foam surfboard blanks making a dusty mess in our parents garage. 

Over the years we have repaired everything from Catamarans to wakeboards, from high tech racing windsurfboards to old school surfboards made from wood and everything in between. In 2003 we moved to Finland and then in 2013 started doing repairs here in the Helsinki area. 

To date we have repaired boards that have gone on to win numerous competitions throughout the world as well as charging the massive waves of such fabled breaks as Jaws in Maui. We have loyal customers! We also are very stoked to fix boards that have just small dings from the everyday surfer as well! So don't be afraid to get in touch with us. 

Although no job is "routine" we do have a base price list for repairs. Materials and the extent of damage dictates the price. Also if you are in a hurry there is an additional charge as we often have 10-15 boards and projects in line at any one time. 

We also do insurance statements as well as airline statements if needed. Fell free to get in touch!

We do all kinds of boards!




Carbon Fiber

and pretty much everything else!

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