Koalition Surf Fins

This is a newer brand we came across while searching for quality Fins in South Africa only to find out they are a brand based here in Europe! Stoked!

They have a full range fitting both FCS and Futures plugs as well as some bitchin' Longboard and SUP Fins.

Quality construction and fun graphics make these a great option for those wanting something different.

Their leashes and other gear are built with great quality as well and can be trusted when dropping into any situation!

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Koalition Longboard 8'5" Tropical Leaves
Koalition Deck Grip
Koalition Deck Grip
Koalition Deck Grip
Koalition "Waikiki" FUTURES Fin
Koalition "Aloha" FUTURES Fins
Koalition Mandala Orange
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