Ocean & Earth

Ocean & Earth was founded by Brian Cregan and Graham Williams's, but
was later established by Brian Cregan and partners in 1978 producing a
couple of basic surfing products and a staff of three. Ocean & Earth
slowly grew by establishing a network of retailers throughout NSW &
Southern Qld (Australia). Staff knowledge of surfing helped with
product development but many other areas of business were developed via
trial and error. The domestic distribution covered the majority of the
main surfing areas by the early eighties and some small export sales
were achieved by “word of mouth” contacts made by Brian Cregan in his
travels surfing around the world. First production was done in an old
four-room house and converted shop front. This soon became inadequate
and in 1986 a 500sqm factory was built which greatly improved efficiency
for the business that was growing at a rate of 30-40% per year. Initial
distribution direct from Sussex Inlet was replaced by a distributor in
each state and sales servicing for all of NSW was done by a permanent
sales person operating from the factory at Sussex Inlet. By the mid to
late eighties the Ocean & Earth product range had grown
significantly to encompass a broad range of surfing accessories,
backpacks and a small range of clothing which still is the backbone of
the company today. 2010 saw the introduction of the "World's Strongest
Leash" - a fully moulded surf leash as opposed to three piece heat
welded surf leash.

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6’0 Regular Moulded Leash – Black
Ocean & Earth Thruster Fins Medium
High N’ Dry Collapsible Wetty Bucket
Shortboard Stretch SOX Board Cover
Flex Wax Comb Scraper Flex Wax Comb Scraper
Wetsuit Dry Sack Red
7’0 Regular Moulded Leash – Blue
Ocean & Earth Sunset Leash 6’
Ocean & Earth Wetsuit Repair Kit
Ocean & Earth White Polyester Solarcure Resin
Epoxy Ding Repair Kit
Ocean & Earth Epoxy Sun Cure Resin
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